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  •  Jarrangbarnmi Campground (Koolpin Gorge)

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    Campgrounds Kakadu - stay and camp at Jarrangbarnmi - Jarrangbarnmi Campground (Koolpin Gorge) - 4wd unsealed road - off road access.

     Jarrangbarnmi Campground (Koolpin Gorge)

    How to get to Koolpin Gorge Jarrangbarnmi (Koolpin Gorge)

    Koolpin Gorge Jarrangbarnmi in Kakadu

    You need a permit in ADVANCE to visit Koolpin Gorge in Kakadu National Park
    A permit and access key are required to visit, walk and camp at Jarrangbarnmi.
    Advance booking is essential and minimum 7 day's must be allowed for processing of the permit.
    No permit extensions can be authorised on site.
    For permits and permit information contact the Permits Officer on +61 (0) 8 8938 11140.

    Jarrangbarnmi | Koolpin Gorge Walk
    Follow Koolpin Creek upstream to plunge pools and waterfalls.
    Cross the creek, but keep it in sight at all times.
    The end of this walk is not marked.
    You can follow Koolpin Creek for many kilometres.

    Koolpin Gum (Eucalyptus koolpinensis)
    is a rare tree known from only 2 small populations near Jarrangbarnmi

    Kakadu Dunart
    A small marsupial only 20 ever found here.

    See all the extremely rare flora and fauna found near Jarrangbarnmi | Koolpin Gorge.

    Another of the Mary River region’s beautiful waterfall areas, this is wilderness camping at its absolute finest. Not far from Gunlom Falls, but well off the beaten track, this camping area is surrounded by rocky ridges, cascades and areas of white sandy beach. Set up camp beside Koolpin Creek then explore and swim in one of the many plunge pools before relaxing to take in the majesty of Kakadu. Be mindful that Jarrangbarnmi is a fragile and restricted area with significant natural and cultural values. It is shared with traditional owners and you’ll need to check availability.

    Map of Sandy Billabong Kakadu camping and campground: All copyright and courtesy of Top End Tourism
    • The map is copyright and credit to Top End Tourism

    Map of Gungural campground
    • The map is copyright and credit: NTTC

    Type of camping: Bush campsite

    Site accessibility: 4WD essential
    Drive to Jarrangbarnmi Campground and explore Koolpin Gorge in Kakadu National park Australia

    • : No Drinking water
    • : Toilets (pit)
    • : No Showers
    • : No Rubbish bins
    • : No power
    • : No No Generators
    • : No Alcohol permitted
    • : Picnic area (tables only)
    • : Fire pit
    • : No boat ramp
    • : No wimming pool

    Suitable for
    • : Tents
    • : Camper trailers
    • : Caravans

    Nearest hub
    Mary River Roadhouse
    Driving distance from Mary River Roadhouse to Jarrangbarnmi Campground (Koolpin Gorge) is 56klm so allow 2 hours to 3 hours.

    Amenities at hub
    • : No Park passes
    • : Fuel
    • : General store
    • : Meals
    • : Restaurant
    • : Bar

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    • Kakadu Campground Photo Credits: Parks Australia

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